• About me

    Presently Software Platform Team Lead at kindred.ai

    Previously Sr. Manager of Engineering in Big Data at Rakuten Kobo Inc.

    BASc in Computer Engineering at University of Toronto

    Interested in Software & DevOps, Mobile Game Development, 3D Printing, Gadgets, Cycling, Squash

  • Projects

    Various projects and hacks on my github page including:

    rbuml is a domain-specific labguage on top of Ruby for generating UML class diagrams using Graphviz dot.

    lazycontract is a library for declarative strongly-typed contract classes in Python (2 and 3 compatible.)

    sparsebitvector is an implementation of a sparse bit vector written in Go, similar to LLVM’s SparseBitVector class.

    KeyboardClip is an OpenSCAD design for a clip to merge the previous generation Apple bluetooth keyboard and magic touchpad.